Requesting Donations

Thank you for thinking of the Building for Kids Children’s Museum as a possible donor for your cause. We receive hundreds of worthy donation requests, but as a small not-for-profit we are only able to donate a limited number of charitable gifts each year.

We review donation requests for admission passes on a monthly basis for programs taking place in the following month. Please submit your request at least six weeks in advance. To qualify for a donation, the events and programs must take place within 50 miles of the museum, be a 501c(3) organization and the proceeds must directly benefit children. We do not typically grant to corporations’ United Way or Make-a-Wish pledge drives/campaigns. If the request is granted, 2 admission passes are usually awarded, which have a total value of $15.

Donation requests must be in the form of an official letter (e.g. on letterhead) or copy of an event flyer that includes:

  1. the nature of the event/program
  2. the recipient of the proceeds
  3. the date and location of the event/program
  4. contact person information
  5. deadline for donation and address where the donation should be mailed if the request is granted

They can be sent via email, mail (attn: Donation Requests), or dropped off at our Welcome Desk. If your request is granted, we will mail a donation by the deadline or event date indicated in your request.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we cannot answer questions over the phone or return phone messages regarding the status of a donation request.

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