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Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Program 2016-2017

Scout Thursdays 4 pm – 5:30 pm

  • April 13
  • April 27 – Senses Badge
  • May 11
  • May¬†25

Join us for a Scout Thursday to earn badges! Workshops are booked on a first come, first serve basis. The first group booked on any given day will choose the workshop for that date (see above for dates and workshops booked). Workshops must have at least 10 participants registered two weeks before the workshop date, or the workshop will be canceled. Workshops do not include actual badge patches.

All workshops are $15 per participant and include a Museum admission pass to be used at a later date.


“Clover’s Story” Petal & “Money Counts” Leaf

Badges are offered together.
Listen to Clover’s Story, and learn how to use resources wisely. Discover ways to reuse everyday items and create a work of art from recycled materials. Learn financial literacy basics, and uncover ways to use money to buy things for yourself or to help others.


Painting Badge

Be an artist! Become inspired and experiment with different painting techniques. Learn about famous artists, and create masterpieces with your troop. Paint the real world, and design a group mural.

Inventor & Home Scientist Badges

Become an inventor, and explore household science! Participate in over six experiments. Discover chemistry in the kitchen by making everyday items bubble, zap, pop and dive.

Pottery Badge

Expand your artistic expression through an introduction to pottery. Make a pinch pot, sculpt a work of art, and create a figure.

Senses Badges

Can you name your five senses? Discover more about how your senses help you through different activities. Guess mystery items using only one sense. Try a scavenger hunt through the museum exhibits.


Detective Badge

Help solve the case! Write secret messages with scytales and lift your fingerprints. Learn how to use observation skills to uncover clues and solve three mysteries.

Drawing Badge

Capture your creativity and be an artist! Become inspired and experiment with different drawing techniques. Create masterpieces with your troop, practice using shadow and more!

Jeweler Badge

Design a piece of jewelry, learn about jewelry making techniques and discover how cultures from around the world create jewelry.

Savvy Shopper Badge

Learn about the differences between needs and wants. Compare prices, examine customer reviews and look into different trends.

Daisies, Brownies and Juniors

Spa Extravaganza

Come pamper yourselves. Try a facial, create lip gloss and paint your nails. Learn about relaxation techniques and make sure to wear comfy clothes and slippers or fuzzy socks.

Girl Scout Reservations

Who can participate

Any Girl Scout associated with a Daisy, Brownie or Junior Troop can participate. The Girl Scout Level is listed for each program. Individual scouts or entire troops can make reservations.

Chaperone requirement

1 adult chaperone must be present for every 1 to 6 children per reservation. Workshop chaperones are free.

Supervision & safety

The supervision and safety of all children is the responsibility of their chaperones. Children must be accompanied by their chaperone at all times.


The fee listed for each program is per child. Any extra children, such as siblings, will be counted as participants and are subject to the program fee.

Limited spots available

Reservations are not complete until you receive a confirmation letter and The Building for Kids receives any applicable deposit. Reservations are honored in the order that they are completed.

Deposit & payment

Because limited spots are available, payment in full is due at the time of booking via American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa, or within 3 days by cash or check.

Cancellation & refund

Refunds are only available up to 14 days before the date of the program. Due to advance preparation and supply purchasing, we are unable to refund reservations cancelled within 14 or fewer days of the program date. If The Building for Kids needs to cancel, as much advance notice will be given as circumstances allow, and a refund will be issued.


Workshops do not include actual badge.

Admission pass

All participants will receive a free admission pass to come back and visit the Museum.

To make your reservation, call 920-734-3226 x10 or email.

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